Running like a Cave Man – the Paleolithic diet

Okay here’s the deal.

I’m going Paleo!

I have injured my foot to the point where I can’t run. So to meet my goals I have made a plan. I certainly can’t run the Adelaide marathon in a couple of weeks from now. Which is disappointing since I have already enrolled.

I will definitely be running again in the not too distant future but it may realistically be another 6 weeks away.

So I had an Idea.

September last year I set myself two inter-related goals:

1. Run my first marathon within 12 months

2. Lose my excess 18kg (40lbs) that I was gained over the last three and a half years since having my two youngest children.

I ran my first marathon within 9 months, back in July. One goal achieved.

Do I have bad toe karma?

If you read my previous post then you would know I am recovering from an award winning toe stub/foot bashing. So to improve my situation,

I have a bruised black foot…should I run?

I have a bruised black foot, from my middle toe to nearly my heel.

I didn’t do it running but I can’t walk on it very well let alone run.

I stubbed my toe on the corner of the couch REALLY BADLY. Or really well depending on which way you look at it.

Anyway a quick history for the record. Since my last post on the 20th of July, I did actually run four times in that first

Adelaide Marathon – Six weeks to go

Hey Hey Hey,

I am excited because I have committed to a new goal of running the Athletes Foot Adelaide Marathon for 2011 which is on August 28th.

Adelaide Marathon 2011

This is just under six weeks away. I have enrolled and paid. Now I just need to keep running for the next six weeks before the event.

My first marathon, the recent 2011 Gold Coast Airport Marathon in July, took me a whopping 6 hours and 3 minutes, which was really to be expected given my quite limited training in the months leading up to it. My goal was just to complete it before the cut off time of 6.5 hours; and it was wonderful to achieve that.
However I was definitely very slow. :-)

So now that I know I can actually get across the finish line of a 42.2km event, I have decided I want to improve on my time between now and then.

In fact I’m fairly sure I have to improve my time because I think the cut off time for this marathon event is 5.5 hrs?? If anyone knows for certain let me know. It’s not easy to find the information re cut off times on the site.

This means cutting at least 40 mins off my time to be safe. So to do this I am committing to training 4 days per week between now and then. No excuses!

I have also changed my training style. On my last run on Monday (I’ll go again today) I returned to my early training style of high intensity interval training and hill training and sprints.

I am living in hills again with plenty of bush track to run through -YAY. But this hill running was just through the streets.

I ran for an hour – 25 minutes of uphill bursts as fast as I could for as long as I could sustain them (about 30-40 seconds). Followed by 20 mins jog back down hill, and finished off with 15 minutes of 30 second sprints and recoveries.

OMG did I feel it yesterday! And in fact I was so sweaty and buggered by the end of it, it was a tough workout. My aim with this is to improve speed and cardio fitness.

thanks :-)

Hey I just wanted to say thanks for all the nice comments, and I wanted to share them here,

because not everyone who reads my blog can see them on my home page,

and it was such an encouraging buzz to get your feedback.

You can click on the image a couple of times to enlarge.

And I have to say, sharing this with you all is what kept me on task.

So if you ever need to keep your self accountable for something, I highly recommend taking it public.




Now as my first inspirational share, this video comes via Lachlan.

Gold Coast Marathon 2011 – I made it!

Well I made it! Yesterday was the day of the Gold Coast marathon and I survived.

I took this video to share with you, a few moments after I finished. Excuse the sideways video, I uploaded it to Youtube and then couldn’t rotate it. You’ll still get the idea.

Overall it was a great experience and I reckon I have more marathons ahead of me now.

Below are photos of me being mum with Maddie and Xavi

So where have I been the last 4 months hey? And how will I get across the line with only 3 weeks to go?

You know I waffle, so if you want the short version just skip to the running chart at the end of this post.

For all of you who have been so sweet, kind and supportive, and shown an interest in my running efforts, and followed my ramblings;


Day 132 – Running Further, Running Faster

I have a few observations to share here, with

Day 128 – Recovery Runs after long runs

Sorry for the belated posts.

Just a quick update. After my 24km run last Friday (a week ago),

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